Japan Earthquake – March 11, 2011 – Triggered by X1.5 Solar Flare!

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In recent years, and especially this year the Sun has come alive! On February 15, in the days before the New Zealand earthquake an enormous solar flare was released from the Sun. It was an X2 flare and this type is the most powerful of all solar events. It was the first X-Class flare in Solar Cycle 24 and the most powerful X-Ray Flare in four years. The Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) headed directly for the Earth and a few days later New Zealand was struck by a powerful, devastating earthquake.

Since then I have kept an eye on the Sun (not literally – I’ll go blind) and two days ago (Wednesday, March 9) another flare was released. It erupted from the sun at 23:23 and it was an enormous, extremely powerful X1.5-class solar flare. If my theory was correct an Earthquake would soon follow. I turned to my partner and said: “I think there will be a powerful earthquake by the weekend,” and what happened today – Friday, March 11? A powerful 8.8 Magnitude earthquake and tsunami strikes Japan.

I couldn’t believe it when I heard the news on the radio. My theory must be correct. There must be a correlation between Earthquakes and Solar Flares and if nobody has researched it yet they should!

The sun is at its most active stage in years so I would urge everybody to KEEP AN EYE ON THE SUN and if you are in a seismic region when the next large solar flare is released – be prepared and get away to high ground.

But how could a solar flare trigger an earthquake? Well, when you have a mass of solar particles striking a planet, I believe it causes the earth to judder and any tectonic plate boundary that needs just a small amount of energy to move, well it moves because of the force of the impact of solar particles. The particles are deflected by our magnetic field but the force of such an enormous, high-energy, fast-moving mass of particles surely has enough energy to shake our planet.


Over the next three years sunspot activity and solar flares will only increase in abundance so it is in your interests to take this warning seriously. 2012 is approaching – read one of my very early Earthenigma posts to learn about the Sun and how it will affect the planet in 2012. My predictions are coming true!

Queen Elizabeth I WAS a man – and I know who!

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Look at the picture below. Is this one person or two? Do they look similar? Do they look almost identical? I think so.

Queen Elizabeth I, or is it?

Queen Elizabeth I, or is it?

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The 11:11 Phenomenon

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A couple of years ago I began noticing the digital clock displays at exactly 11:11. Like most people I just thought it was mere coincidence. It stuck in my brain due to the symmetry of the time. 11:11 is clearly more noticeable and memorable that 09:36 or 17:21 so I put it down to mere coincidence.

I kept seeing it though. I used to frustratingly announce “I’ve seen it again!” when sitting at my desk at work and everybody looked at me as if I was crazy. I asked colleagues and friends what they thought. The general consensus was a) I was looking or waiting for it to appear, b) my brain had somehow synchronised to the clock on my computer screen or c) I was crazy.

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2012 – The Truth

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11:11 GMT, December 21, 2012 is a date currently being uttered all over the internet and in a multitude of books and articles as the day of reckoning, but what does it actually mean? What’s going to happen? There are a number of theories on offer and here’s a taster:

  1. The sun will align with the centre of the Milky Way galaxy, opening up a spiritual vortex which will transform every human soul.
  2. The Mayan Calendar comes to an end, as does the world.
  3. The sunspot energy reaches an all-time maximum, knocking out all satellite communications and power grids.
  4. The magnetic north and south poles will reverse causing disastrous natural phenomena to the Earth and living things.
  5. A meteorite/asteroid will crash into the Earth, ending all life.
  6. A great flood will swamp the planet.

The theories are frightful to say the least and have even led to the making of a major Hollywood blockbuster titled 2012, out later this year.

So is there any truth in the ideas? Well, yes and no.

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